67 years old and I still can't seem to define myself or decide who I actually am. I do lots of things but they don't define me. Most days I flit from being a musician, a counsellor, a writer, a husband, a grandad, and in dull moments I behave like a 12 yr. old obsessively playing a computer game. In the summer add in walker, fisherman, bodysurfer.

One way of finding out who I really am is by reading some of my writing. Its all a bit irregular. I can go months with nothing and then suddenly the muse possesses me.

Some background: Born in a beautiful Cornish seaside town which I left aged 18 and have recently returned to. Mum liked to serve tea to Bishops on our lawn. I liked to go fishing with Grandad. I left for London with dreams of becoming a Rockstar. Music is a thread I have hung most of my life on.

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